This Men’s Collection will be “Rockin’ All Week with You” in Fall 2011!

Guys! Break out Grandpa’s trunk, and put Pharrell on your iTunes, it’s new age vintage time! You’ll be needing some of those old frocks to be “in like flint” for Fall 2011! did a great job of describing the collection as channeling the universe of Pharrell Williams, the music video genre, and even the late 1970’s graffiti artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, resulting in a youthful and commercial collection. The D&G Collection mimiced the high-school Happy Days era; incorporating baseball tees, multi-colored vests, preppy cardigans, furs, tweeds, leather jackets and splashes of Mickey-Mouse and Coca-Cola gear.

 But once again, lets not take all of this too literal guys! Some of these outfits are good as a whole and some are effective as seperates. I’m no “home-wrecker” and I’d hate for my advice to leave you single and lonely… so PLEASE do not come out of the house wearing this! (see below) —->

CAUTION: Watch your seperates!

With impeccable style and always inspiring collections D&G has once again introduced something unique for men to incorprate in their wardrobes! No more dull colors, neutral tops and jeans boys – you’ll be tasting the rainbow this season!

Get the Look:

The Look for Less:

Your style is what makes you unique amongst this crazy sequence of events we call life. So make every moment count!

You are greatness already happening!


::: Stacee Michelle :::