Look AND Listen! DVF Spr. 11′ Dissected!


***View the slideshow of some DVF’s wildest outfits from her collection and let me know the Spring 2011 Trends you spotted!

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When I decided not to write for a few days to let the DVF posting marinate…one of the readers sent in a great request!

Anon writes –

Sounds like she is your favorite designer? DVF is cool but her patterns tend to be a little much for me sometimes. She does have what a lot of designers do not have, staying power. I’d love to hear your thoughts on her spring 2011 line when it comes out.

So Anon – this is for you! =)

Yes, some of these fun pattern/color combos can be quite discouraging and aren’t for everyone, but beauty AND fashion is in the eye of the beholder. These prints were more major than previous seasons and the colors, simultaneously bolder and more subtle. But a key concept to remember when viewing fashion shows is that it’s not always about the complete outfit that comes down the runway…

Let me dissect!

If you have ever worked in visuals for a retailer, especially for those that are trendy – you know that the corporate guidelines want you to showcase the most current pieces AND (all together now)… LAYER LAYER LAYER! Why? So that you can showcase more than one piece to the consumer.

Well, on the runway its somewhat similar – their window display… is the runway. 

In the case of some designers, they present all outfits that are wearable as is, and for others, its all about the concepts of each piece, the silhouette, the colors, inspiration, and so forth. 

So when your watching runway shows or clicking through style.com photos – don’t just look… but listen to what the designer is saying about upcoming colors, silhouettes, prints and patterns, hems, etc. In doing so, you’ll gain more of a respect for the “Art” of fashion design and be on board with upcoming fashion trends. 

***MESSAGE!  haha***

The DVF collection, entitled “Goddess”,  had a strong mix of tailored pieces as well as French inspired draping that were both emphasized silhouettes throughout the collection. 

One of the most important elements of DVF is sophistication and elegance – despite what the DVF girl has on, she is always representing herself with these attributes. 

Diane Von Furstenberg and Yvan Mispelaere

DVF and her new design partner Yvan Mispelaere unleashed a kinetic energy with a series of prints: clouds, broken waves, Greek keys, and marbled wings  – which DVF described as “lyrical and open; architectural and fluid; mixed and matched…an understated elegance.” (Lisa Martinez)

Could it have been this fine young gentleman (Yvan Mispelaere) that has added a bolder tweek to the DVF collection? With a background of designing for Gucci and Chloe you can certainly understand that this man has a vision for the DVF collection and has done a fine job of introducing new concepts. 

I hope that this post helps you better understand my view of the collection as well as help you see fashion shows in a new light!

Until next time….

You are greatness ALREADY happening!


::: Stacee Michelle :::

photos: style.com

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  1. Great explanation! So many people read fashion shows but its not their fault. Some designers have ready to wear clothes featured on the runway, best example: Versace. He was famous for it. Mainly fashion shows are to showcase elements to look for for the upcoming season. It’s like looking at an abstract painting, colors, lines, shapes are the things you are looking for. You apply that same method to fashion shows and you will see what they are really selling you on.