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One of our subscribers asked about my views of the Milan Menswear Fall 2011 collections, the key trends I saw for the season, and what some of my favorite show were. 

Welp! I had to say it was certainly a roller-coaster ride flicking through each designers collection for Fall.  Some were simple, others complex, and then somehow I went on an Indiana Jones ride and was ambushed by ‘OO7’ in collections that were out of this world! 

Since I was unable to attend the Milan Fall 2011 Menswear Fashion Week (haha), I decided to attend them front row via my MacBook and the trusted ol’ www dot. 

One collection that stood out to me was Pringle of Scotland who I stumbled upon sometime today around 5:38 p.m!

Pringle  popped a little bit of each key trend into the collection making it an acceptable transition for the “right now” guy. Unlike previous postings which were geared toward wearing separates – Pringle does a great job of showing men how to coordinate hot street-wear into outfits suitable for their lifestyle!  

Clare Waight Keller

And guess what!? It was all designed by a woman! Clare Waight Keller knows how to dress her man! Her impeccable mix of “country-clothes gone city” made the collection perfect for men nationwide to pop the Pringle into their wardrobe!

Here are some of the streetwear key trends from the ::SM:: Report – 

  • oversized coat collars
  • shearling and fur outerwear collars
  • tweed jackets and blazers
  • militant coats and military detailing (zippers, pockets, etc.)
  • chunky sweaters
  • leather pants 
  • leather and fur accents 
  • form fitted/slim bottoms
  • cuffed or tapered leg openings
  • porkchop pants
  • militant boots over slim bottoms
  • incorporating new fabrics and textures
  • key colors: burnt or electric yellow, orange, blue, and red
  • neutrals: charcoal grey, midnight black, and butter creme 
  • accessories – the workbelt bag, satchel, and duffle bag

Men’s trends are much different than womens – their cycles move a lot slower. Its good to see that menswear is offering up new trends, styles, fabrics, and colors – gaining space in men’s conventional wardrobes. 

Thomas Maier, creative director at Bottega Veneta says ..

” The elements that comprise a man’s wardrobe don’t vary that much over time. So to evelove you have to reinvent what you already have.”

Certainly evident in the Fall 2011 Milan Menswear Collections

I know I didn’t get to mention some of my other ‘favorite collections’, buuuutttt I’m definitely looking forward to sharing my Indiana Jones and ‘OO7′ roller-coaster high peaks with you! They are quite…interesting…but certainly a must-see! (stay-tuned)

Thought for the day: Your thoughts are things!… just think the clothes on your back…the chair your sitting in…even the computer your on right now… were all somebody’s thoughts. Today – make sure that your thoughts are directed toward what you want out of life, and watch it manifest!

You are greatness ALREADY happening!


:::Stacee Michelle:::

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