Happy 116th Birthday Balenciaga!


116 years ago, a fashion mogul was born! January 21, 1895 began the beginning of Cristobal Balenciaga life of impact. He lived to the great age of 77 before passing; but his legacy, craft, and inspiration for designers internationally has been well out-lived.

When we were more concerned about barbies and the ice cream trucks – This spanish-french designer began to seriously study dressmaking at the  age of 10! With a deceased father and a widowed mother – he stepped up (AT AGE 10) to help support the family by sewing!

His first trip to Paris at age 15 inspired him to become a couturier, and by age 20 he had his own dressmaking establishment at the fashionable summer resort of San Sebastián in Spain.(www.britannica.com).

With an impeccable eye for detail and sophistication, Balenciaga has transformed modern looks into highly sought after pieces. Known as the architect of haute couture – He is what gives designers the foundation they need to continue to live out to their fullest potential.

Try to catch his exhibit before its over!

November 19, 2010 – February 19, 2011

The “Balenciaga: Spanish Master” Exhibition at the Queen Sofia Spanish Institute in New York, Open .

I encourage you to read up on him as well as flick through some of his collections from the previous seasons. He is quite the innovator and certainly knows how to spearhead the trend report!

Just as Balenciaga…

you are greatness already happening!


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