Behind the Style: Umphrey’s McGee Q&A

Photo by Dave Vann

With only a few more days left in the Charlotte SHOUT! Festival, we are excited to welcome back Umphrey’s McGee to the Queen City to celebrate Charlotte’s 250th Anniversary.

The dynamic headline band, Umphrey’s McGee, will be hitting the Atrium Health Main Stage at Romare Bearden Park on Friday. I caught up with them to chat before the show to talk about everything from favorite denim to Star Wars! Check it out!

Photo by Abby Fox

Charlotte is celebrating its 250th Anniversary with the SHOUT! festival, how do you feel about being apart of the celebration?

Charlotte has been an important city in the history of our country, as well as important city in the history of Umphrey’s McGee. We’ve played at the Visulite, Amos’ Southend, Neighborhood Theater, the Fillmore & the Symphony Park in Charlotte. So many great venues & memories. We are always thrilled to celebrate iconic events like this and feel like we represent a great cross section of American music history. With our chameleonic musical style, you never know what you’re going to get but we can promise that it will be an energetic and entertaining concert. We’ve often been described as party music for the brain, so it makes sense that Umphrey’s McGee would be tapped to celebrate with the city of Charlotte.

Why is live music important to a city’s growth?

As far as the importance of live music to a city and it’s growth, live music brings people from all walks of life together and builds bridges between people, often creating friendships between fans. In a time when many of us can become isolated in the world, live music brings culture and love, giving audience members and band members alike a life-affirming bond with each other.

Photo by Dave Vann

How does performing at festivals differ for you from a traditional concert?

At a traditional concert, we know everyone there is there to see Umphrey’s McGee. At a city festival, we have the opportunity to often play before new people who haven’t experienced our show before. We love when we have opportunities to show new folks a good time. We’ll undoubtedly be playing for a mix of those who have seen the band many times and those who have never seen us before, so expect something for everyone at our show.

Is there a particular item you wear each show and if so, what is its significance?

Brendan Bayliss, Guitar/Vocal:  There’s not really a particular item worn by any of us each night, although Ryan has worn some questionable things on stage. We do all have a Star Wars action figure on our rigs each night — good to have The Force on our side.

Photo by Umphrey’s McGee

Do you have a pre-show ritual?

We spend about 30 minutes before the show warming up together and getting on the same page musically. The idea is that when we step out and hit our first notes, we already feel like we’re firing on all cylinders.

Go-to denim jean brand or favorite pair of jeans?

Joel Cummins, Keyboard/Piano/Vocal: I have a pair of Joe’s that’s survived for almost 10 years, so ‘have to give it to them.

Brendan Bayliss, Guitar/Vocal: Levi 100%. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Ryan Stasik, Bass/No Vocal: There’s only one brand of denim approved by the National Tanning Association: Shinesty. (see photo from our destination event in Mexico)

Photo by Ryan Stasik

What is the process you go through as a band in deciding what to wear before a show? Does it happen the day before, a week ahead?

We talk about what music we want to play and never talk about what to wear. Every guy has his own style, so we just try to embrace that and let it ride.

Can you repeat the same look you’ve worn to a previous show?

Yes, you can repeat the same look from a previous show, just hopefully not the following day!

Photo by Dave Vann

Memorable on-stage wardrobe malfunctions story?

Trying to wear a mask on Halloween has produced mixed results. We had to take them off because we were sweating too much, but more importantly, our shows rely on eye contact. We’ve done shows in masks where we couldn’t see what anyone was trying to do and that made things challenging.

What fashion advice can you give to men?

Whatever you do, take care of your shoes.

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Behind the Style: Anthony Hamilton Q&A

Photo by Stacee Michelle

In celebration of Charlotte’s 250th Anniversary, Grammy award-winning artist and Charlotte native Anthony Hamilton will be hitting the Atrium Health Main Stage at Romare Bearden Park.

The concert is part of the Charlotte SHOUT! festival, a two-week celebration of art, music, food and ideas that ends Saturday, May 11.

Style is a major part of an artist’s brand, and Hamilton does it well. We asked him a few questions to find out more about the stylish man behind the music.

Photo by Stacee Michelle

1) As one of the city’s premier artists, how have you noticed the music scene develop over the years?

It is such an honor to be a part of a legacy with such history. Since I’ve started my musical journey, I’ve seen the city birth some phenomenal talent and shape the careers of so many. We still need more nightlife to house it all, but the potential and demand is there.

2) How does performing at festivals differ from a traditional concert?

Performing at festivals is a chance to showcase to those who wouldn’t normally come out to see you, open the demographics.

3) Is there a particular item you wear each show and if so, what is its significance?

Each show, there’s gonna be a hat, an amazing one. It’s the trademark for the sound.

4) There is a pendant necklace that you have been wearing a lot recently. Tell us the story behind it?

It’s a pendant of St. Augustine I got from Tomfw is a guide for men’s fashion accessories. He was a Roman African, philosopher and writer. It stood out to me and kinda reminded me of myself.

Photo by Stacee Michelle

5) How does your style of music influence your style of dress?

My style of music brings about a southern flair and a well traveled family man. And I think that’s reflected in my boots, hats, great quality T-shirts, socks and underwear.

6) You seem to love wearing boots, what is your favorite kind to wear? Summertime is approaching. What is your go-to footwear for the hot weather months?

I love a good comfortable boot. From any vintage line or thrift store to All Saints and Varvatos. Comfort is my key style. Summertime, I lets the dogs out— flip flops and slippers or a sweet pair of Jordans.

7) Do you have a pre-show ritual?

Before each show I like to hang out some and vibe with the fellas, [have] a few laughs and soundcheck. An hour or two before, I just wanna be left alone to ready my spirit.

8) Which five songs are in your car or playlist right now?

Five songs in my truck and on my playlist are:

1. Dedication — Nipsey Hussle ft Kendrick Lamar

2. Doesn’t Matter — Gallant

3. Different State of Mind — Kid Bloom

4. Dear God — Smokie Norful

5. Bet Ain’t Worth The Hand — Leon Bridges

9) If your personal style could have a song title, what would it be?

If my style had a song title, it would be “Steady Man.”

Photo by Stacee Michelle

10) What artist did you admire as a child and/or try to emulate, and what did you like about their style?

As a child, I love listening to Al Green and Bill Withers. They had spirit and life in their music, a story.

11) What is the process you go through in deciding what to wear before a show? Does it happen the day before, a week ahead?

Deciding what to wear has a few factors. Season and weather. My own personal mood. This can be day of or weeks before.

12) Can you repeat the same look you’ve worn to a previous show?

Yes, I believe if you have an outfit or ensemble that expresses the overall show, then you go for it again.

13) What fashion advice can you give to men?

Style advice for men would be to wear masculine, yet comfortable clothes. Women love it. Color and patterns are made to speak, so say it loud.

14) What is one thing your fans don’t already know about you?

I’m a loner. I enjoy quiet walks in nature and snuggle naps in cool, yet comfortable surroundings. I love pillows.


75th Anniversary | UNCF Charlotte Mayor’s Masked Ball

The annual UNCF Mayor’s Masked Ball is a premier fundraising gala and a major social event, focusing on raising public awareness and large corporate and individual donations to support deserving students through UNCF. Hosted by UNCF Charlotte and a diverse group of corporate sponsors and local businesses, it involves celebrities, dignitaries, civic leaders, volunteers, public officials, alumni and others who support UNCF’s mission of investing in Better Futures® for us all by getting students to and through college.

In Charlotte, the Masked Award Honorees were: Grammy Award Winning Singer and Songwriter, Anthony Hamilton; Chief Policy Officer & Senior Advisor to the President and CEO of Lyft, Anthony Foxx; Partner, Ernst & Young, LLP, Curt W. Fochtmann; and VP, Chief Data & Executive Information Officer, Bank of America & UNCF Board Member, Laurie Readhead.

The Hamiltones provided entertainment for the evening and put on an amazing show!

Event Covered By: Stacee Michelle
Videographer: Bryant Walker

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Super Bowl LIII | NFL Wives Fashion Show

It is always a pleasure being the official red carpet host at the Off The Field Players’ Wives Association Super Bowl Fashion Show! This year Super Bowl LIII, Patriots vs. Rams, was held in the beautiful city Atlanta, GA. A city known for fashion and luxury, the runway show highlighted nothing less! The event was held at The Shops Buckhead Atlanta, with a pre-party celebration at Dior! I loved seeing the husbands support their wives as each year they raise funds for a non-profit organization in the Super Bowl host city. This year Girls Who Code was the beneficiary! Always a sell-out event, I can’t wait until next year! Enjoy the video!

Production Team: Bryant Walker, Ethan Neville, & Erica Dunn

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American Way Magazine Cover Shoot

It was such an honor to be featured on the cover of the February issue of American Way Magazine! The issue highlighted the city of Charlotte, and I shared my insider tips on the must-have places to shop and dine in the city! Check out the digital magazine Here!

American Way has been the world’s most beloved inflight magazine for 50 years. Now beautifully reimagined to match the aspirations of the 201 million discerning customers flying American Airlines, the world’s largest airline, the new American Way is a stunning exercise in the art of modern magazine making. Touting a fresh design and an inspirational editorial mix of international celebrity, world-class destinations and extraordinary stories, American Way directly mirrors the interests and passions of its loyal readership.

Feature Photography By: Chris Sorensen
Cover Photography By: Joseph Bradley
Make-up By: Yanneek Brinson
Hairstyling By: Brooke Ross
Written By: Sarah Crosland
Location: Capitol Boutique & The Ivey’s Hotel


Shopping & Saving | Fitness Fashion | Goodwill Industries Digital Series

It is a pleasure partnering with Goodwill Industries as the Style Expert to bring awareness to the great fashion finds you can get at Goodwill stores! You can snag designer brand merchandise without spending designer prices! In this video, I went shopping for workout attire and left with some steals! Oh, and what makes it even better – My purchases will go toward job training for individuals with barriers to employment! Check it out!

Produced By: Stacee Michelle & Bryant Walker | Videography By: Bryant Walker

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