“Feel like a Woman, Wear a Dress!”

::: Feel like a Woman, Wear a Dress! :::

Quoted from my all time favorite designer Diane Von Furstenberg! Who single-handedly took the simple wrap dress and made it into a staple piece for everyones closet! Reinventing it with her dynamic patterns, textures and fabrics – DVF has added complexity to the simplicity of the wrap dress!

For over 25 years DVF has continually taught us all how to mix and match patterns and look great doing it! And while some of us may think we have this whole “mixing” thing down packed – DVF gives us the inspiration and style we need to get back on track!

No matter what the season – its ALWAYS dress season! Pair your frock with some printed or opaque tights and boots (ankle or thigh highs) and your ready to take the winter by storm! 🙂

Diane Von Furstenberg is an amazing woman who exudes everything sophisticate and is passionate in her craft. I hope to inspire others the way she has inspired me. Being good enough, isn’t good enough! It’s people like her that motivate me to never get comfortable being average. Thank you Diane, for just as simple as a wrap dress… being you!

You are greatness ALEADY happening!


::Stacee Michelle::

P.S. It would be a dream to go to a DVF show at Fashion Week! If your going… TAKE ME! 🙂


Ciao! :)


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::: Today marks the 1St day of my blog! ::: 

 I am sooo excited to begin sharing my fashion life adventures, tips, updates and encouraging messages in hopes of become your 24hr addiction! 🙂

I encourage you to give me feedback and feel free to submit any questions or topic ideas you would like me to cover as this blog is for the people… by the people!

Geared with knowledge, experience, passion, and great subscribers, I certainly look forward to growing with you and am excited about the future ahead of us!

From here on out always remember one thing …

You are greatness already happening!

All the Best,

:: Stacee Michelle ::