You’ve got to be HIGH to Work for Nicole Miller

So apparently if you’re planning on working for Nicole Miller and like to wear flats, you better start practicing in heels! One of the writers for took a trip to Miller’s office and found out from a staffer that if Miller sees too many flat-footed ladies walking around she’ll send out a memo reminding every one of her – “preference” for heels.

Why you ask? … She’s just not a fan of flats.

So what does a girl do who can’t walk in 3 inch shoes?

Designer brand Deena & Ozzy offer some GREAT styles for the vertically challenged:

The good thing about these shoes is that (A) The heel is wide enough to support your 9-5 feet (B) They’re stylish and (C) They’re a great price! Urban Outfitters actually carries this line as well – offering prices as low as $69!

So whether it’s Nicole Miller or another stickler for elevation – be sure to get a shoe that is comfortable , supports your foot and look, and is quick to slip off so you can slide into those flats after work! =)



Stacee Michelle

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