An Issue to Get Excited About | FOUR Magazine


We couldn’t wait for the next issue of FOUR Magazine to hit the stands! But…it was bitter-sweet. The fourth issue of FOUR Magazine, meant the LAST issue of FOUR Magazine. [ Say What!?] FOUR identified creative moments and sought out the beauty in homes, iconic fashion, artistic expression, and diverse culture that dwells within the city.  It was created to showcase timeless imagery and creativity.

To close  the series, co-founders Nicole Camack and Ciara Bird thought it was best to complete FOUR Magazine with the fourth issue. In celebration of the editorial release and farewell, a launch party was held at the New Gallery of Modern Art in Uptown Charlotte. Did you miss the event?  Check out some pics below! Oh, and be sure to order your copy by clicking HERE!

All pictures provided by FOUR , find additional pictures HERE!


::Stacee Michelle::