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She hasn’t taken a day off either. The Seattle native has conducted celebrity interviews on red carpets as a fashion correspondent. Created custom looks for photo shoots and fashion shows as a wardrobe stylist. Penned beauty blogs and contributed to fashion magazines. Forecasted trends as a retail apparel buyer. Moonlighted as an art director. And even graced the catwalk as a runway model. For the last 8 years, Stacee Michelle has explored nearly every professional facet of fashion. But none of it has ever felt like work.

Stacee Michelle’s keen fashion sense manifested before she was old enough to buy her own clothes. The youngest of three, Stacee was often the recipient of hand-me-down ensembles from her older sister. In order to make them look new, she had to be creative. As a result, Stacee developed a distinctive personal style all her own. Turning worn pieces into one-of-a-kinds evolved into a passion that’s driven her ever since.

Since childhood, Stacee has been enamored by the idea of turning her passion into her profession. After graduating from Winston-Salem State University in 2007, she did just that. A charming beauty with a background in journalism, Stacee carved her niche as a fashion correspondent, conducting celebrity interviews at red carpet events nationwide. It didn’t take long for her charismatic personality to open doors. The Charlotte resident quickly went from conducting Q&A’s with local business owners and haberdashers in Queen City to interviewing A-list celebrities in the Big Apple during New York Fashion Week.

When it comes to magnetic on-air presence, some people just have it. Stacee Michelle is one of those people. Her bubbly personality coupled with intimate product knowledge and perspective on fashion industry trends makes her an up-and-coming triple threat. Stacee has routinely been tapped by national television networks, including E! News, FOX News and BET, to serve up her opinion on fashion trends, beauty tips and seasonal must-haves. She has also taught courses on merchandising, retailing and buying to students at Johnson and Wales University, Davidson College, and the Art Institute of Charlotte, among others.

When Stacee Michelle isn’t talking about fashion she’s writing about it. A regular contributor to several lifestyle and fashion magazines, the fashion insider has rubbed shoulders with Andre Leon Talley, Oprah Winfrey, Diane Von Furstenberg, Tracy Reese, and more, picking up invaluable advice and inspiration along the way. But nothing is more gratifying than sharing how-to’s and tidbits she’s learned on her website — stacee-michelle.com.

Whoever coined the phrase ‘a jack of all trades is a master of none’ never met Stacee Michelle. A skilled multi-tasker, Stacee has systematically indoctrinated herself with nearly every facet of the fashion industry. Her future is bright. And Stacee exudes the quiet confidence of someone who knows she’s on her way. The hard work it’ll take to get there — well, that’s the easy part. In fact, she’s looking forward to it. For Stacee Michelle, fashion never feels like work.

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