Victoria Secret & Louboutin #Winning! | Happy Valentines Day!

Chanel Iman | Herve Ledger Dress | Christian Louboutins

Happy Valentine’s Day ::SM:: Fam! I hope that you enjoy this day whether your single or involved! Either way you look at it, it’s a way to treat yourself, or, do something special – so SEIZE the day!!

I’d have to say that the BEST style relationship on Valentine’s Day is that between Victoria Secret & Christian Louboutin! These two together make for a steamy, hot, sexy, irresistible female … a.k.a. Stallion.

Whether your single or involved… this heavy combo will definitely give you…and your man a lift! 😉

Happy Valentine’s Day – be safe, have fun, and get fat off cookies, cakes, and chocolate goodies! (It’s the one day you actually have an excuse!)

Love you!


::Stacee Michelle:

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