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Charlotte Hornet | Bismack Biyombo | Styling & Inspired

Photos By: Rusty Williams | Styling: Stacee Michelle

Working as the wardrobe stylist for Charlotte Hornets player Bismack Biyombo’s editorial feature was an enlightening experience. Hearing all about his basketball journey and the great work his foundation does in the Congo is truly inspiring.

“The goal isn’t to live forever. The goal is to create something that will.” – Bismack Biyombo


Biyombo opened his first school in 2017 in the city of Goma called the Kivu International School. The school serves about 500 primary and secondary students, teaching them in French and English, has 21 modern classrooms, WiFi, a library with more than 8,000 books, a gym, and a first for the DRC—a covered basketball court. He plans to open a second school in Lubumbashi and has also begun to refurbish six hospitals! [Read the Full Article Written by Greg Lacour for Charlotte Magazine Here]


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Marvel’S Spider-Man & Adidas Sneaker Campaign | Donovan Mitchell

It was so much fun being the wardrobe stylist for the launch of Utah Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell’s Marvel’s Spider-Man & Adidas international sneaker campaign. The D.O.N. Issue #1 will release on Friday, July 5 online and at all Adidas Basketball retailers internationally. Check out the promo video and a few BTS clips below! Great working with photographer Joao Canziani, Grand Army, and the rest of the production team!

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After the devastation of WWI, governments had to confront more than just the colossal loss of life. The war had demonstrated how physically unprepared their populations were for battle, prompting a large-scale push for fitness.

As people rushed to the gym, opportunistic industrialists started mass-producing sneakers, bringing down prices and democratizing what had once been the domain of the wealthy.


Stacee Michelle