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Toy Story 4 | Party City | Costume Fun!

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Styling the costumes for the newest Pixar film, Toy Story 4 for Party City was so much fun. It was a long day, but these five kids kept the energy going. To think I was close to their age when the first Toy Story came out!

To infinity and beyond! – Buzz Lightyear


Can you believe that the first Toy Story movie by Pixar Studios and Walt Disney Pictures, came out in 1995! The film was the first entirely computer-animated feature film, as well as, the first feature film from Pixar. Here we are 24 years later introducing the team of toys to a new generation of kids. In Toy Story 4, a new toy called “Forky” joins Woody and the gang.


All Images Provided by Party City & Disney/Pixar


Abercrombie Promotes Push-Up Bikini for 7yr old Girls ??

Abercrombie Kids Push-Up Bikini

We are all cautious about our children growing up to fast and hope to have them maintain their youth in this fast-paced, rated ‘R’ world! At age 7, all a kid should be worried about is barbies, playing with friends, and candy… not trying to figure out if their cleavage is going to look “appealing enough”.  

The aid to this agony is Abercrombie and Fitch. The company has just released a children’s swimwear line – highlighting the triangle push-up bikini! says that back in 2002 A&F was criticized for a line of thongs they released for 7 yr. olds which had suggestive remarks on the front of them. I have a feeling A&F is not concerned with whats “politically correct”, but rather the company….period.

So, what are you thoughts ::SM:: Subscribers?

I think the one thing we have to remember is that the KIDS aren’t the ones who are going to be cutting the check to buy these bathing suits. Definitely don’t think any 2nd graders are pulling in A&F kind of money! Which means – PARENTS are the ones who need to be aware of what they are buying for their children. It will be your responsibility to just say… NO! Let your child grow up naturally. There are already so many other factors, socially and in the media, that are causing your child to be exposed too soon.

Be aware and know you are gorgeous just the way you are….. greatness already happening!


::Stacee Michelle::

Check out the Push-Ups