Fashion Gives You Wings! | Chanel features Couture Show on a Plane!

Even though they never left the ground, every passenger on board got a first class seat at the Chanel Couture 2012 Fashion Show! The runway was filled with a sky blue to deep-sea color palette, sequins; blouson sleeves; crop & mid length jackets; wide collars; dropped waistlines; and of course the Chanel silhouette. My favorite part about the collection was that 82.9% of the dresses, had pockets! Sequins dresspockets. Two piece skirt suitpockets. Formal gown….pockets. Certainly a girls best friend and a key feature for Chanel’s Couture 2012 Show! Read more and check out the photo slideshow! Best, ::Stacee Michelle::

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  1. Was there turbulence?? lol