Dress Up for Your Man| Fashion Advice for Women

Rekindle Those Dating Days![/caption]

If you’re in a long-term relationship, chances are you’ve probably gotten used to wearing the same old rags you’ve had lying around your closet since 98’. But the question is… Do you still dress up for your man?

I’m not talking about dressing in French maid costumes for bed or putting on gowns for special occasions. I’m focusing on what you select when you parade through your closet looking for an outfit everyday, in my case, I think I nice Yaya blouse will to the trick.

Whether it’s going to work, school, running errands, traveling, or simply hanging around the house, opt for an outfit that is going to remind your significant other of the “steak” they have at home!

It’s easy for women in marriages or long-term relationships to fall into the habit of not wearing make-up and shuffling around in those ever so sexy sweat pants. But what point is it exactly that deems it necessary to begin letting your guard down? Is it the time when you passed gas unexpectedly in front of him; discovered it was more cost-effective to just wrap your hair than look “cute” when you go to bed; or was it when you caught a cold and had a full conversation with a trail of snot running out of your nose.  Whatever the breaking point was for you, don’t let it hinder the relationship.

It’s inevitable for there to be more factors that play into your lives the longer you are together (kids, family, jobs, and activities) but attraction is still an important part of any relationship.

Rather than waking up in the morning and deciding to throw on the first thing that you see, try incorporating something that’s going to remind your man that you actually took the time to think about him. Surprising him with a fresh new look just might ignite some surprises for you later! Below you will find inspirations that will help you rekindle those dating days:

Select exotic, ethnic, tribal or even floral prints as alternatives to traditional solid blouses. Pop some color into your wardrobe to catch his eye! Draping silhouettes are also a great way to show off your femininity!

Ruffles, light fabrics, and feminine details on blouses are a great compliment to any bottom.

The bandage dress is a great way to show off your curves, cleavage, and is a nice canvas for accessorizing! Easy, comfortable and sexy with flats or heels – can’t beat that!

So ladies, lets all make the first move and start today! Let your outer appearance be a compliment to the beauty you already have inside of you.

You are greatness already happening!


::: Stacee Michelle :::

photos: victoriasecret.com, asos.com, and oldnavy.com/gap