Are you a Trend Finder??

How Many Can You Find!?

Soo if you’ve been staying up with my blog, you know I like to look beyond the outfit. Instead of just looking at the ensemble… I listen to what the person or designer is saying about trends, colors, silhouettes, textures, etc.  

So ::SM:: subscribers… what are some trends you can pull out of this streetwear outfit!? I want to hear your style review!


(Leave your comments below!)

You are greatness already happening!


:::Stacee Michelle:::

  1. I definitely see about 7. Layers, big hoods, fur on the collar, vintage shoes, scarfs (which are good for every season), one piece ushering in vibrance to the outfit, and lengthy necklaces.

  2. Kash – great analysis! We look forward to hearing more of your style advice on future posts!

  3. Layers,Fur,Contrasting Textures,knits,velvet, Bright Patterns,Skinny Jeans, Men’s suiting,Gold, Socks outside the the boots and sparkle finish on the boots.