A New Way to ‘Go Green’ in 2011!

Hunter Green Scarf

So you’ve already swapped plastic grocery bags for organic-cotton totes, bought a Prius Hybrid, and accepted those free energy-saving light bulbs from Duke Energy — So what’s next on your environmentally conscious list? Well, unfortunately I’m not hear to give you another energy-saving tip – but I will save you some energy in finding the right color to be on trend this Fall! You’ve opted for alternatives in other areas of your life, now let’s try changing the hue… by ‘Going Green’!

Green isn’t always the first choice for most, but designers this season have brought light to the color by showcasing multiple variations; giving us plenty of room to dive right into the trend. Spotted in an array of shades, textures, patterns, fabrics and numerous silhouettes; this color made its way onto everything from tops, outerwear, bottoms, dresses, accessories, and shoes. Whether color blocked or just a splash, there will be no excuse to why you shouldn’t be able to work green into your wardrobe.   

For those of us who are ready to begin adding green to our color palette a little early for spring, don’t hesitate because you’re not jumping the gun! Socialites, editors, and trendsetters from New York to Milan have already been styling the streets in green! See how they incorporated it into their outfits:

Normally three shades of green is too much for one outfit, but not for one season! Fall 2011 is certainly green-friendly and offering us a variety of options adding the perfect complement to our welcoming wardrobes.  So head to the mall, Save some energy, and GO GREEN!

Remember no matter what you ‘hue’…. you are greatness already happening!


:: Stacee Michelle ::